Packing Lists

Nepal Tour packing lists

Pack your clothes according to the season you are travelling. Apart from the regular clothes,

For autumn & Spring,

please bring normal clothes. Please do not forget a windproof for morning/evening. It is neither cold nor hot.

For Winter,

Please do not forget to add warm jacket, trousers. Winter is great time to explore valleys and national parks. 

For Monsoon,

Please do not forget to bring or buy rain cover/Umbrella. Creams to save from mosquitoes could be helpful.

  • Packing lists for Trekking: Everest Base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek & all other treks in Nepal.
  • Trekking gears: Wear them while trekking as required. 

Waterproof Hiking boots. 

Water-resistant hiking boots with ankle support. Its important to get used to it! It will be very comfortable if you use them and get used to before going on trekking to avoid the blister on feet! 

Leggings or hiking pants

Normal hiking pants or leggings are useful 


pairs of moisture-wicking t-shirts

Pair of long-sleeved tops

Pair of fleece tops or a cashmere jumper

Trekking socks 

It will be very important to have moisture - wicking and quality pair of socks for the trekking hours. And also pairs of normal socks for the rest of the day. 

A warm down jacket

A quality down jacket is a must for the Annapurna base camp trekking. Consider buying the suitable one for your space in the trekking bag. 

Sunglasses & A warm hat

Just a normal warm woolen hat that you find everywhere in Kathmandu is fine. However, it will be so much important to keep your head warm specially on higher altitudes. At some points, it will be freezing cold! And also a Sunglass is very important to save eyes from the shining Himalayas! 


Pair of fleece-lined gloves! Very important specially in the morning (and evening). 

A cap

To keep the sun off your face during trekking hours, a baseball cap is very useful.

A fleece buff

A fleece buff is useful primarily for a warm neck; and can also be used to warm the ears and head. 

Flip-flops or normal shoes

When the trekking hour of the day is over, pair of flip-flop or normal shoes with warm socks are must. 

Main Pack to be carried by porters

Sleeping bag

A good quality 4 season or even 5 season sleeping bag is a must for the Annapurna base camp 10 days trek. Thamel Travels and Tours will provide the sleeping bag for Annapurna base camp trekking. If you want to buy or or hire your own one, our guide will help you to buy or hire one in Kathmandu and/or Pokhara before heading for the trekking. 

Sleep sheet (cotton, silk or thermal)

It is not a must however a sleep sheet of you own will give you a sense of sleeping on your own bed every night. 

Non trekking hours comfortable pants

After the trekking, you will need something comfortable for the rest of the day. For the evening, sleeping and morning. Choose one with pockets. 

Long-sleeved thermal tops

long - sleeved thermal tops to wear in the evening or morning. On higher altitudes it will be very useful. 

Trousers or the thermal long johns

Useful to wear under the pants during evening, night and morning. 

Lightweight quick-dry towel

After the much-looked after hot shower in the Annapurna base camp trail, a towel is very useful. If the towel is lightweight and quick to dry, it is even more useful one. 

For Your Day Pack

A day pack with a strap to buckle over the hips and across the chest is important for the Annapurna Base camp trekking. Your day pack is the home to everything that you need to use during the trekking hours.

A bum bag/fanny pack

Although not many trekkers carry one these days, an experienced trekker is very careful to carry a fanny pack. It will be useful to put any - moment useful things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, your phone, lip balm, sunnies, and a chocolate bar. A zip -lock bag to waterproof the passport and cash is also very useful in case it rains heavy.

Waterproof pant

For in case it rains, a light weight waterproof pant in the daypack is so much useful. A wet leg on long trekking is not a fun at all. 

A wind-/water-proof jacket

A wind/water proof jacket is so much useful for lower altitudes where the wind is not much cold.


Although three meals a day are included in the Annapurna base camp 10 days trekking, a small/good amount of cash is required for the trek. You will very much need it to buy any snacks, any particular meals, toilet paper, drinking water, hot water for showers, electricity for charging devices, and WiFi etc. ATM machines are online payments are not available along the Annapurna base camp trekking trails as of now. 

A battery pack

A small battery pack is a super convenient way to charge your devices without having to stay in queue for power points at lodges. 

Toilet paper

Almost no toilet have toilet papers along the trail. So please carry your own toilet papers and you will have enough opportunities to buy them during the trekking too. 

A water bottle

Drinking enough water to keep hydrated is related to the success of the trekking to some extent! It is important. We tour leaders, at Thamel Travels and Tours, suggest you to buy a two liter insulated bottle for your daypack. Experienced trekkers will not enjoy to stop for refill every time you get thirsty. 

Water purification tablets

Normally safe filtered water is available to buy along the trail in teahouses and shops. However with water purification tablets you can further purify the water or fill up the bottle using tap water along the trail. 

Trekking poles

We, at Thamel Travels and Tours, will provide you pair of trekking poles for every trekker for the Annapurna base camp trekking. Trekking poles are very helpful to trek on stairs. And Annapurna base camp trekking involves a lot of stairs along the trekking trails. If you have your own and want to use it, we are fine.

A head torch

Unlike in the early days of trekking in the Himalayas, we have less use of the head torch these days. However, it will be very helpful to carry a head torch including for a pre-dawn hike up to Poonhill. It will also be helpful to go to toilets at nights in case the electricity goes off.

Hand sanitiser

Given the post Covid situation, sanitizers have become mandatory in everyday life. Even in normal days, you need to carry hand sanitizers during the trek and also on city tours. 

Medical kit

Although you are fit and on holiday in the Himalayas, it will be useful to carry some tablets and be prepared for blisters, cuts, upset stomachs, sprains, sunburn, headaches etc. Common medicinal tablets trekkers carry are ibuprofen, Panadol, electrolytes, gastro stop, anti-inflammatory cream, plasters, strapping tape etc. To cope with altitudes you will gain, Diamox is important too. However, please consult to your doctor before carrying the medical kits. 

Sunscreen/lip balm/moisturizer

To protect the face and hands from the cold wind and clear sky sun together, it is a must that you carry sunscreen., a lip balm with SPF, and a moisturizer.

Sanitary products

Other sanitary products including for period sanitary products are very important to carry even if there is the smallest chance of the period for our women trekkers.