Travel Styles

Small Custom Group Tours

Most trips which run through classical & establised routes in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan are available to join round the year. The tour dates are offered considering the season, ways to travel & routes feasibility. Over 160 trip dates are available round the year to to join a small exciting group to travel with. Group tours are mostly very helpful to have new friends from around the world, are normally run on more famous & establised routes, and very helpful to travel on decent tour prices! 

Private Tours

Your holiday on your style, route & budget! Any trip from our web or from your bucket lists are welcome. If you are travelling with family or friends, we organize any trip privately & exclusively for your group. You could choose a mode of transportation, standard of hotels, number of days & travel routes!

Trip Informations/Before you book: 

All trips of Thamel Travels & Tours have flexible dates, options to choose a budget friendly trip, suitable activities & tour schedules, perfectly suitable & affordable accommodations & foods, and very relaxing terms & conditions of the booking. Trips in Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet are available to join a custom small group or organize privately & exclusively for your family or group. All touring & trekking trips are organized privately & exclusively on any dates around the year for the guests who are looking for trip dates other than fixed departure dates. 

Flexible Dates:

Any tour booked for a date can be changed regardless of any terms & conditions. In some cases, it may incur some cost for changing teh flights & visa but dates are flixible for every trip. 

For all private tours, Your trip your date. We want to make a lifetime memorable trip for our guests. A relaxing and memorable trip happens when you have comfortable & relaxing trip dates. Thamel Travels & Tours organizes trips on your suitable dates. All Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet trips of Thamel Travels & Tours have flexible dates. Most importantly, at Thamel Travels, if you have to change the date of your confirmed trip for any reason, it is free and always will be. A solo traveller, couples, families and group of friends are all welcome to travel on your perfect dates around the year!  

Budget Friendly Trips: 

Budget is the most decisive thing when deciding about a lovely trip. We wish that our guests choose a trip which is comfortable on budgets too. And each trip includes interesting activities, great skillful guides  based on different type & level of accommodations. On each of our trips, we have mentioned  hotel names and category & modes of transfers which affect the budget of a tour. It is not about how much you have however it is about how much you want to spend for this trip. Each hotel is chosen based on their locations and level of services. Our tour officer and guides are continuously monitoring the cleanliness & service standards of the hotels we are working with. Each trips are scheduled based on the day activities, location of the hotels and modes of transportations. Each of the trips are lovely, relaxing, inclusive & enlightening.

Styles & Destinations

Your trip on your style & to your desired destinations. Small group tour is a great way to explore the classical routes. We have over 160 trips every year with fixed departure schedules! Besides, all of Thamel Travels & Tours trips, are available to customize for a solo traveller, couples, families & group of friends. All Trip styles & destinations are coined together based on the real ground requirements & experiences. All Thamel Travel Trip styles & destinations are also based on the suitable activities & tour schedules, suitable & real priced accommodations & foods, and budget friendliness. 

Accommodations & Foods

Each Thamel Travel trip includes accommodations at suitable locations & at real prices. Accommodations for each of trips are specifically chosen based on their locations. At the same time, a consistent guest services, cleanliness & friendliness are highly considered. Even for similar trips different hotels may be included depending on the tour schedules, trip styles and budget friendliness. Breakfasts for each morning are at the respective hotels for all trips. In the trekking trips, most lunch are arranged on the way during trekking hours, and dinners are arranged at the overnight tea house. During city to city cultural trips or day trips  lunch or dinners are arranged at nice and lovely restaurants considering types of foods, their locations & hygiene on top. If lunch and dinner are not included on the trip; your guide will suggest you some lovely restaurants which are highly rated, perfectly located and real priced for the food, services & ambiences.