My Reservations

Once confirmed always confirmed!

Once you have confirmed your reservation with us, it is always confirmed. Even if there are not much conversations in between, everything will be in order at your arrival! For any updates, we also keep in touch with our guests & we request the same from our guests too. Not mandatory, still an email ( or WhatsApp (+977 9841697870) a week before your arrival could be helpful.

Is it possible to change dates of a confirmed trip?

Yes please. You can change date of a trip for free multiple times given you let us know at least by a week. In case of any emergency, please do not hesitate even at the very last moment, we will try our best. 

Do I need any voucher or payment proof to start the trip?

No please, we know our guests! you just need to show your passport. Passport is enough, we will have all other information required to start the trip.