Nepal Spiritual Tour : Janakpur, Pashupatinath, Pokhara, Muktinath & Lumbini TourNepal Spiritual Tour : Janakpur, Pashupatinath, Pokhara, Muktinath & Lumbini Tour

Nepal Spiritual Tour : Janakpur, Pashupatinath, Pokhara, Muktinath & Lumbini Tour

  • Duration8 Days
  • Route Grade Comfort Travel
  • Trip Style Classical Tours
  • Starting City Janakpur
  • Ending City Gorakhpur
Nepal Spiritual Tour : Janakpur, Pashupatinath, Pokhara, Muktinath & Lumbini Tour map


Janaki temple, Dhanuskoti, Dhanusadham

Kathmandu Valley

-Bhaktapur, Pashupatinath, Jal Narayan, Bouddhanath, Swayambhunath, Old Kathmandu.

Manakamana Temple on the way to Pokhara


Galeshwardham, Tatopani kund, Muktinath darshan, Jomsom town, Kaligandaki river

Pokhara Valley

Views of the Annapurna Himalayan Range

Pumdikot shiva temple, World Peace Pagoda, Phewa lake, Sarangkot Sunrise,


Private Van & Jeeps transfers throughout the tour

Janakpur to Kathmandu & Pokhara to Lumbini flights. 

Itinerary in Brief

Day 1:  Arrive Patna or Darbhanga & take a taxi to Janakpur - 80KM - 2hrs drive. O/N at Janakpur.     

Day 2:  Visit Janaki temple & Dhanuskoti - Dhanusadham. Fly to Kathmandu. O/N in Kathmandu. 

Day 3:  Pashupatinath temple - Bouddhanath Stupa - Jal Narayan temple - Swayambhunath temple - Old Kathmandu.

Day 4:  Visit Manakamana Temple & drive to Pokhara. 

Day 5:  Tatopani  Kund bath & overnight at Jomsom (2800m). Total 160KM drive.     

Day 6:  Muktinath Darshan & drive back to Pokhara. 

Day 7:  Pokhara sightseeing & fly to Lumbini - 25min flight.     

Day 8:  Breakfast - drive to Gorakhpur train station or Gorakhpur airport.

Depending on your convenience this tour can also be customized as Arrive Gorakhpur - Lumbini - Pokhara - Muktinath - Kathmandu - Janakpur - Darbhanga/Patna.

Janakpur, Kathmandu valley, Manakamana temple, Pokhara valley, Muktinath Kshetra & Lumbini are the most spiritual places for Hindu & Buddhist communities from around the world. These are also most visited pilgrimage sites in Nepal. This is an ideal 8 days tour plan to visit the most holy & sacred religious & spiritual places in Nepal. 

Trip Hotels
  • Hotel Arts

    Hotel Arts

    Location: Kathmandu3 * hotel
  • Mountain Lodges

    Mountain Lodges

    Location: HimalayasTourist Standard
  • Hotel Batika

    Hotel Batika

    Location: Pokhara3+ star hotel
  • Hotel Welcome

    Hotel Welcome

    Location: Janakpur3star hotel
  • Hotel Ananda Inn

    Hotel Ananda Inn

    Location: Lumbini3star hotel
Cost Includes

Flights & Transfers

Airport transfers & private Van & Jeep transfers throughout the tour

Janakpur to Kathmandu & Pokhara to Lumbini flights

Guides & Entry Permits

One Tour guide for the group

heritage sites, view points & ACAP entry fees

Accommodations & Meals

6 nights 3* hotel accommodations

1 night mountain lodges accommodation at the Himalayas 

7 breakfasts


From any major city in India, there are direct flights to Patna or Darbhanga airport. Mata Janaki temple at Janakpur is located at an ancient Nagar Janakpur. Janakpur is located 225KM south east from Kathmandu. It is 80KM north of Durbhanga airport in Bihar. And It is 185KM - 4hrs drive -north of Patna city in Bihar. 

The better is Dahbhanga airport because it is only 80KM - 2hrs drive away from Janakpur. Arrive & take a taxi to Janakpur. Meet, greet & welcome at hotel in Janakpur. If needed, we will simply arrange a transfer from your arrival to Janakpur for a fair price.  

    Early morning visit Janaki temple & breakfast at the hotel. Check out & visit Dhanuskoti, Dhanusadham & drive to airport. Fly to Kathmandu - 25min flight. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, drive to hotel - 30min drive. 

      Morning breakfast at the hotel & at 9am drive to Pashupatinath temple - 30min drive. Visit Pashupatinath Temple: Pashupatinath temple is a Hindu shrine and most visited temple in the country. It is a Lord Shiva (Shiva literally means that god which is not: formless) temple. Shiva is also the greatest guru for all the yogis (who traditionally believe in yoga and meditation and live an ascetic life). So we see a lot of colorful Yogis here. At the Bagmati River bank we also get to see the Hindu death rituals. Everyday and every moment, many dead bodies are being burnt in the open air. Tourists basically see them across the holy river (just small steam). Pashupatinath temple is the earliest human settlement in Kathmandu Valley. Pashupatinath literally means lord (Pati/Nath) of all the living beings (Pashu). Yogis normally explain it as the consciousness which guides us every moment and prevailing in all the beings. Some interesting activities will include taking photographs with yogis, observing death rituals (before burns there are some rituals family members do), walk through deer park and temple park on the other side hill and observe the main two storied Pashupatinath temple from view point across the river. We enter from the Southern side and walk through the temple complex and end the tour at the northern gate where our car will pick up. And from here, we drive to Bouddhanath Stupa, 10min drive. 

      Here we come to the number one tourist attraction in Kathmandu!! Bouddhanath Stupa is the biggest and tallest Buddhist stupa in South Asia. And the best way to observe the magnificent stupa is a coffee break at one of the rooftop restaurants in the temple complex (it's about noon or 1pm and  I suppose it's already a break time as we started at 830am in the morning). The Stupa is surrounded by human settlement with tourist shops and restaurants and rooftop restaurants offer great views of the stupa. After the coffee break, circumambulate the stupa clockwise walking and probably spinning the prayer wheels. We will also visit some of the Tibetan monasteries in the temple complex and observe their everyday rituals or stay in meditation for some minutes in silence. One of the rooftop restaurant at Bouddhanath Stupa could be your lunch stop for today. From Bouddhanath temple drive to Jan Narayan temple, the sleeping Vishnu temple - 30min drive. Dharshan of Sleeping Vishnu! 


      From Jal Narayan, drive to Swayambhunath - the. Monkey temple - 30min drive. Visit Swayambhunath - the Monkey temple. As we arrive at the bottom of the temple (Bhagwan Pau = feet of the God), It will be a great experience to walk to the top of the temple hill, as it also offers great views of the Kathmandu Valley on a clear day. And normally Kathmandu is. very clear in winter as Kathmandu is located at 1350 meters altitude. Monkey temple is a Buddha temple, some 20min drive away from the hotel and about 10min walk to the top. It is an ancient Buddha period temple in north-western Kathmandu. We will pay a visit to the main Stupa and other temples in the temple complexes. Four of many stupas are dated from the ancient period. Alongside, also enjoy the panoramic view of Kathmandu Valley and Himalayas in the northern side. The tour will be about 1and half hour to explore the temples and visiting monasteries (where children monks live and study). After the Monkey temple tour, drive back to Kathmandu Durbar Square - 15min drive.

      Kathmandu Durbar Square is the medieval Palace square and home to dozens of temples including living goddess Kumari Temple, an Old Nepali style Palace and a classical palace. It has been the main center of cultural and financial activities in Nepal since ancient times. At Kathmandu Durbar Square also called Basantapur Durbar Square we will visit Kasthamandap Temple (temple of wood and recently restored after 2015 earthquake), Maru Ganesh, Kumari Temple, Shiva and Vishnu temple (under renovation after earthquake), Classical Palace, Kalbhairav Statue and Akash Vairab Statue, Hanuman Dhaka Palace courtyards (main palace with Newari wooden architectures), Taleju Temple (distant sight since it very sacred temple and open only one day in a year), a small museum portraying earthquake devastations and other temples. Kathmandu Durbar Square also offers great Coffee places. It will be about 2-3 hours of walking around the Palace square. 

      From Kathmandu Durbar Square, a new tour experience will start - that is a rickshaw tour to the oldest part of town in Kathmandu from the Hotel through the oldest markets of Ason and IndraChowk. The iconic rickshaw tour (the main means of transport for tourists around Kathmandu Durbar Square and Thamel since the 1960s) will take about 30min and will go through the old market. Ason and Indrachowk are the places where Nepalis find everything they need from Noon to Soon (literally salt to gold).

        Breakfast at the hotel & drive to Kurintar - 100Km - 3hrs drive from Kathmandu. Take a cable car ride to Manakamana temple & visit the most worshipped wish fulfilling goddess in the mountain. After a Darshan, take cable car down to road & further drive to Pokhara - 100Km - 3hrs drive. Overnight in Pokhara. 

          Breakfast & drive towards Annapurna Himalayas! Muktinath temple is located across the Annapurna & Dhaulagiri Himalayas. The road passes through the gorges of Kaligandaki river. On the way, visit Galeshwardham temple & bath in Tatopani Kund. Overnight at Jomsom town. Jomsom is a town in the Himalayas located at a gorge between Annapurna & Dhaulagiri.  

            Morning visit the Muktinath temple (3800m) - 1hr drive from Jomsom. Take holy bath at the Muktinath & Darshan of Swami Narayan! The temple is located right at the lap of the Himalayas! The complex also offers great views of 360 degree the Himalayas! Please bring warm clothes to wear after bathing. 

            Breakfast at the village below the temple & drive back to Pokhara - 6hrs drive. In the late afternoon, boating at Phewa Lake & visit Tal Barahi temple. Overnight in Pokhara.    

              Breakfast at the Hotel & Pokhara sightseeing including visits to Pumdikot shiva temple, Shanti stupa, Gupteshwar cave, Devi’s falls! In the late morning, fly to Bhairahawa, Lumbini & drive to Lumbini - the Buddha birth place. 

              Check in at hotel, small rest & Lumbini sightseeing. 

              The Lumbini garden is broader project of UNESCO (designed by a Japanese devotee) which includes Mayadevi temple and many other temples inside it. Most of the temples have been ready and open for tourists. Some monasteries are also open for tourists inside the garden. 

              At 3pm in the afternoon - take a guided rickshaw tour of the temples and monasteries. Different countries and Buddhist associations have built monasteries and temples in the garden which are very much welcoming to tourists and visitors. 

              After the monastery visits, a guided walk inside the Lumbini Buddha garden. Dusk is the most interesting time to visit the sacred Mayadevi temple complex - the exact birth place of Buddha! Enjoy the serene environment of the temple vicinity and visit the temple. You will also sit for a short meditation break at the temple dedicated area. Walk back to the hotel and overnight in Lumbini. 

                Morning breakfast at the hotel & drive to Gorakhpur Railway station or Gorakhpur airport. Gorakhpur connects with most big cities in India with railway lines or flights to major cities. Please book your arrival flight or train to Patna or Darbhanga & your return flight or train from Gorakhpur. 

                  Depending on your convenience this tour can also be customized as Arrive Gorakhpur - Lumbini - Pokhara - Muktinath - Kathmandu - Janakpur - Darbhanga/Patna.

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