Small Group Tours

Small Group Tours in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan

Small Group Tours to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are group-join trips organized in a small convenient group size. Trips that run through classical and established routes in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are available to join throughout the year. The tour dates are offered considering the season, ways to travel, and route feasibility. Over 160 trip dates are available throughout the year to join a small, exciting group to travel with. Group tours are mostly very helpful in making new friends from around the world, are normally run on more famous and established routes, and are very helpful to travel at decent tour prices!

At Thamel Travels & Tours, Small group tours offer a unique and enriching travel experience for adventurers seeking a more intimate and immersive journey. With limited group sizes, typically ranging from 6 to 16 people, these tours provide a chance to forge meaningful connections with fellow travelers and local communities. Whether exploring exotic destinations or delving into cultural heritage, small group tours offer personalized attention, allowing participants to engage deeply with their surroundings. Trips are led by knowledgeable guides; these tours often uncover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path treasures, offering a fresh perspective on popular destinations. With shared experiences and a sense of camaraderie, small group tours create memories that last a lifetime, fostering a sense of discovery and adventure.

Trip NamePriceSeasonNights
Annapurna Base Camp Trek map
Annapurna Base Camp Trek10 days Trekking & Active Tour
Price US$675Season15 Sep - 15 JunNights2N Kathmandu, 2N Pokhara 5N Himalayas
Amazing Nepal Tours map
Amazing Nepal Tours12 days Deluxe Tour
Price US$1175Season15 Sep - 15 JunNights4N Kathmandu, 2N Chitwan, 1N Bandipur, 2N Sarangkot, 1N Pokhara, 1 N Dhulikhel
Everest Base Camp Trek map
Everest Base Camp Trek15 days Trekking & Active Tour
Price US$1275Season25 SEP - 30 MAYNights3N Kathmandu & 11N Himalayas
Temples & Nature walking Tours map
Temples & Nature walking Tours6 days Exploratory Tour
Price US$325INR25000 Season25 Sep - 15 JunNights1N Bhaktapur 4N Kathmandu
Tilicho Lake Annapurna Circuit Trek map
Tilicho Lake Annapurna Circuit Trek14 days Trekking & Active Tour
Price US$875Season25 Feb - 15 DecNights2N Kathmandu, 10N Himalayas, 1N Pokhara
Classical Nepal Tour map
Classical Nepal Tour9 days Classical Tour
Price US$875Season15 Sep - 15 JunNights3N Kathmandu 2N Chitwan 1N Bandipur 2N Pokhara
Glimpse of Nepal & Bhutan Tours map
Price US$1975Season01 OCT - 30 APRNights3N KATHMANDU, 1N THHIMPU, 1N PUNAKHA, 2N PARO