• Best guided Tour/Trek in Nepal


    The Owners are really hands-on. The services are exceptional. Organized and flexible travel plans. Communication is not a problem. Well-guided tours, the owners/ guides are well versed on the tourist site. Transportation was not an issue. My team felt secure and safe on our 3week long Travel under this agency. Ighly recommended.

    Franz ReizGermanyMay 29, 2023
  • Thank you, Balaram, and Thamel Travel and Tours!

    I want to especially commend Balaram Pandey, Team Leader of Thamel Travel and Tours for exceptional service to me and my son as we arranged transportation to and from the Everest area -- after a cancellation due to issues beyond out control last year, to the successful completion of the trip this year despite a number of complications, he has been an amazing help at every turn. I would recommend him and the company unreservedly for any tourism needs and hope I will have the chance again soon to use his services. Thank you again, Balaram

    ElenabishUnited StatesMay 25, 2023
  • Unforgettable Everest Base Camp Journey with Thamel Travels & Tours!

    I had the most incredible experience trekking to Everest Base Camp, all thanks to Thamel Travels & Tours. Their impeccable arrangements, top-notch guide and porter, and unbeatable rates made this adventure unforgettable.

    Thamel Travels & Tours meticulously planned every aspect of the trip, ensuring a safe and exhilarating journey. The expertise of their guide was evident, providing insightful information and making the trek engaging. Their attention to detail and unwavering support made the entire experience worry-free.

    I was impressed by the quality of the trekking gear provided, including a sleeping bag, trekking poles, and a duffle bag. The items were in excellent condition, and the agency's commitment to sustainability by requiring their return showcased their responsible approach.

    Not only did Thamel Travels & Tours provide exceptional services, but their rates were also the best in the market. The value for money I received was outstanding, considering the level of service and the unforgettable memories I made during the trek.

    I highly recommend Thamel Travels & Tours to anyone considering an Everest Base Camp trek or any adventure in Nepal. Their passion, expertise, and unbeatable rates make them the perfect choice for a remarkable journey.

    Thank you, Thamel Travels & Tours, for an unforgettable experience. I look forward to planning my next adventure with you!

    Grand TourIndiaMay 10, 2023